Priya Saiprasad

Favorite move: Heavy Skater Playlist style: Aggressive Hip Hop 😊 Why I love CORE MVMT/Pilates: I’ve been doing reformer Pilates for the past 7 years and completely fell in love with the CORE MVMT community after my first class at the studio! I figured it was about time I progressed in my Pilates fitness journey and help permeate the joy that Pilates has fueled for me. Pilates has served as more than just a workout for me: it’s helped me be more intentional, self-confident and proud of the strength our bodies are capable of. It’s brought me a wonderful community of diverse friends connected by our shared love for fitness and wellness. It’s helped me regulate my emotions and be significantly more grounded in my day-to-day life. Pilates is a lifestyle and I’m all about it!