Favorite move: I do love arms in my classes – so I’d say a sumo squat bicep curl off the back platform. Playlist style: High energy, wake up and do the damn thing playlists–Beyoncé, always Drake, ODESZA, Dua Lipa, the list goes on… Why I love CORE MVMT/Pilates: I chose to join CORE MVMT because I wanted to share how much I believe in the workout and to coach the style of class I love to take: high energy, slow tempo, boot camp style Pilates classes. Pilates is such an amazing workout and the machine will humble you. Years later and now a coach, I still find myself challenged each and every day I show up to class. I love that Pilates is a low impact, strength focused workout so it is very easy on joints, which complements my long distance runs outside the studio.