Favorite move: I love a good Leg Circle break πŸ˜‰ or a classic plank! Playlist style: It’s a mix of everything – a lot of current pop with some afro beats thrown in. Why I love CORE MVMT/Pilates: I quickly realized these classes were some of the only 45 minutes I was truly present in body and not thinking about work or some to-do list β€” such an incredible gift! Lisa has built such a welcoming community at CORE MVMT and I just needed to be a part of it to help others discover the same peace and healing I had found! I discovered Pilates after a near death accident 4 years ago and it quickly became an integral part of my recovery. Pilates has helped me heal and regain my strength β€” allowing me to not only walk again but even surf πŸ™‚ After 10 surgeries, it’s the one thing I can continue to rely on to help me get back to myself.