Favorite move: Baby Skater Playlist style: I love music a lot so expect the unexpected! However, I do play a lot of indie rock from the early- to mid-aughts. I also love a good throwback, so you can expect to hear stuff from the 90s, RnB to hip hop, and some of the best pop and rock as well! Why I love CORE MVMT/Pilates: I’ve been practicing reformer Pilates for almost ten years. Two years ago I changed jobs, moved neighborhoods, and finally had the space to learn how to teach. The CORE MVMT community has been so thoughtful, kind and welcoming. My entire body moves differently with the practice of Pilates: I’m more mindful of how I stand and how I move through space. I’m also much more conscious of how my body is feeling; which days to rest and which days to push myself harder.