Favorite move: Power Lunge Playlist style: EDM/High Energy Pop Why I love CORE MVMT/Pilates: CORE MVMT is first and foremost a loving community that just happens to focus on healthy living and making your muscles shake! It’s a place where I feel at home and feel privileged as a coach to share the love and challenge clients to achieve their max potential. A little over 2 years ago I had a major injury at the young age of 35 years that forever changed my view of “working out.” I’ve been an avid gym enthusiast for many years, but always worked out to build muscles. Unfortunately, one fateful day I had a major injury and I couldn’t even pick up a coffee cup. A little bit later, I had surgery to replace discs in my neck. Pilates is what got me back on track. It has allowed me to lengthen my muscles and solidify my core to build a body that is the strongest and healthiest it has ever been.